From Conception to Reality

Conceptual Prototype

This is a picture of the original conceptual prototype of the Doc Stephens’ infant Comfort Shirt. A 21st century product integrating technologies in electronics, clinical medicine, fabrics and garment wear.

This prototype utilizes the innovative conceptual skills of Doc Stephens, the inventor of the Comfort Shirt and provides a proof of concept of detecting certain abnormalities. This prototype model shows the ability and precision of electronics in monitoring an infant’s biorhythms alerting caregivers when specific prodromal symptoms arise capable of causing conditions such as SIDS. In this model you will see a network of common everyday materials and construction utilizing a doll, sphygmomanometer, and digital logic chips purchased from Radio Shack.


DS Scientific has procured healthcare and physiological monitoring systems for the military and commercial market such as the comfort shirt designed to be worn by normal combat troops and infants to monitor their vital signs and identify those who are at high risks of succumbing to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

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  • DS Scientific Innovation

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