Infrared/Visible Camera Design

DS Scientific provides a full engineering service to analyze, design, and develop visible and infrared camera systems from image sensors to camera electronics. The camera systems include a comprehensive camera/sensor system solution from the image sensor, camera hardware, to the software engineering services. A comprehensive analysis is performed for the imaging sensor material, camera optics, camera electronics, test system, and software engineering.  The objective of the analysis is to describe the optical hardware, the camera electronics, the test hardware, the dewars, and software required in order to characterize and develop image sensors and camera systems. The assessment discusses the applicability of all the necessary hardware and software in a multiphase development program to acquire the camera systems, characterization, hybridization, and material engineering capability.

DS Scientific provides the following engineering services:

  • Image Sensor Analysis, Design, and Development Services
  • Camera Optics Analysis Services
  • Circuit Design and Simulation Services
  • High Density PCB Design and Simulation Services.
  • Cryogenic PCB Design and Simulation Services
  • Dewar Design Services
  • Camera Hardware Design Services
  • Camera System Design Services
  • ATE Test System Design, Development, and Integration Services.
  • Test Automation, Firmware Design/Development, and Analysis Software Services.
  • Camera and Image Sensor Characterization Services
  • Failure Analysis Services.

The page shows an image of an assembled camera module; DS Scientific provides design services for developing image sensor and camera acquisition hardware including cryogenic PCB’s design to be utilized in Dewar’s/camera systems with cryogenic coolers.

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